Spring Beauty Favorites

I’ve been looking ahead to spring and rocking a no make up, natural look.  Here are my go-to products to achieve a fresh looking spring face.


ImageMy taste in interior design is clean, comfortable, warm, and modern.  I threw together some pieces for my ideal space for hanging out.

I think the most important thing is a great couch you could spend a whole day lounging on.  Since the couch is somewhere you could study, sleep, watch TV, or relax with friends, you end up spending a lot of time there.  Invest in an awesome couch.  Next, furnish that couch with some warm blankets and pillows.  I love this wool one from IKEA, I have it in my bedroom and it is super warm.  Because I’m a nerd, I’m obsessed with this ‘Ctrl, Alt, Del’ pillows.  They also have a Command, Option, Control version for Apple fanboys and girls, but I like the look of these better.

Coffee tables are likewise critical.  I love having a place to put things like beverages, magazines, various TV remotes or controllers, etc.  I also really like this nice tray which I would put fancy puzzle toys on, just for fun.  Also critical?  Lamps.  Improper lighting can be very frustrating.

This step ladder book case is pretty great, too.  I  would furnish it in a way that personalizes the room, like with large comic book anthologies stacked horizontally on the bottom shelves, an iPod dock somewhere in the middle, and framed photos toward the top.  Simple but functional.

Now, my favorite.  The beautiful bar cabinet.  Nothing says awesome like a stocked bar cabinet.  Not to mention this one is a transformer, it unfolds to maximize functionality and space.  The top becomes like a counter so you could even serve from it.  Obviously this is a pretty decadent luxury item that I cannot afford, but it is just so Batman.

Also needed for this room but not pictured:  a great TV cabinet with lots of places to hold gaming systems, media players, video games, DVDs, etc.  I think media items are best kept out of sight.  Clutter is distracting and triggers anxiety.

When decorating I like mixing high and low in a way that looks really seamless.  Like I said before, it’s important to spend money on important things like the couch or other items where functionality is critical.  When it comes to picture frames, pillows, and other accessories that’s where I try and save money.  The bar cabinet is a splurge, but c’mon, it’s pretty sweet.

If you like what you see definitely check out my Pinterest!! Most of it is decor inspiration.

Fjällräven Kånken Classic

After a few months of trying to decided whether or not I could pull off a backpack, I finally got my Fjällräven Kånken Classic. Kånken backpacks are made by Fjällräven, which is like the Swedish equivalent to The North Face.  Fjällräven literally translates to Arctic Fox.  They make outdoor activewear (jackets, pants, sweaters, hats, etc.) and a collection of rucksacks.  The Kånken first hit shelves in 1978 and the design hasn’t changed since.  The backpacks are available in a wide range of colors and various sizes.

I ordered my through J Crew (because of their convenient return options), but I’ve seen them on many other third-party reseller websites ranging in price from $45-75.  The most colors are available through the official site.  I selected the Ice Blue color because it reminded me of the Team Zissou uniforms.  It fits the perfect about of stuff.  It easily holds my 13″ MacBook Air so I think it would be great for travel.  There are side compartments that fit a standard plastic water bottle (16.9 oz); however, my 27 oz Classic Kleen Kanteen does not fit in the pocket.  The front pocket is great for keys, earbuds, sunglasses, phones, or other small go-to items.  Because the main compartment is a rectangle it is very easy to organize the contents.

Here are some pictures that provide a better look at the size of the Fjällräven Kånken Classic:

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